The publicly available outcomes of the Boost4Shoes project are now fully available below.

Project Leaflet

Our project leaflet is available in the following languages: 


Throughout the project, we developed 4 newsletters around 6 months apart. You can read them below in all the languages of our consortium:

Promotional Video

We developed a Promotional Video to explain the project, the Genie and the Skills Retention System. Watch it here:

Intellectual Output 1: Online Sales Manager Training Course

O1/A1 Rationalisation Phase: Practices of European e-Commerce retailers from the footwear industry (State of Play). 

O1/A2 Needs Analysis Report :EN/PL/EL/DE/PT/RO

O1/A3 Training Methodology and Online Sales Strategy Definition: Structure, content, methodology, delivery approach and all relevant aspects of the BOOST4SHOES vocational training system: EN/PL/EL/DE/PT/RO

O1/A4 Action List Identification and Description: The concrete actions per e-Commerce lifecycle element (e.g. ordering, dispatching, payment, etc.) for the implementation of each e-Commerce strategy conceived in O1/A3. The strategies are decomposed to actions per lifecycle element to be implemented by the SMEs for fulfilling the strategy

O1/A5 - OSM Course Development: The Online Sales Manager (OSM) course to support the implementation of the actions. The course is action based. The modules of the course originate from e-Commerce lifecycle elements (ordering, delivery, payment, communication, overall service, promotion) and for each action the content supports its implementation.

O1/A6 – Localisation:PL/EL/DE/PT/RO  Language and context adaptations to the strategies, actions and content.

O1/A7 - ECVET Supporting Tools Development: Foundation for the implementation of the ECVET system

Intellectual Output 2: Online Sales Strategy Genie

O2/A1 - Genie Design and Development: The Genie was designed based on all the feedback we received from Intellectual Output 1:

O2/A2 - Strategy Actions integration to Genie: Based on the designs we developed the Boost4Shoes Genie which is an automated system that adjusts the user’s learning path based on individual characteristics – personal and business-wise. The personalized e-commerce strategy will help you become an Online Sales Manager. We also developed a Glossary of Terms that can be found on the Genie.

Intellectual Output 3: Skills Retention System

O3/A1: LME Set up and Configuration: This concerned designing the Skills Retention System. The Skills Retention System allows you to recap your knowledge learned during the Genie course and allows you to earn Open Badges as recognition. The Skills Retention System can be found in the navigation above called 'SRS'. 

O3/A2: Content Re-Purposing and modelling: Here you will find all the Skills Retention System content if you would like to export and read them Offline:

You can also find this content in the following languages:

O3/A3: Pilot Testing - Validation Workshops: All partners ran Pilots in their own country, producting a final report with comments and suggestions for imporovement, as well as positive feedback presented to validate our Genie and Skills Retention System. These reports can not be shared because they contain the names of the attendees, but a final report has been created summarising the findings and it can be found here.

Go on... have a try. Use the Genie to create your own strategy, read, learn and then use the Skills Retention Service to become an online sales manager.